Focused's SAT Class

Focused offers an intensive SAT course unlike any other, with 42 hours of in-class preparation and weekly full-length practice exams. Taught by some of the most highly qualified SAT instructors in the nation, our lessons cover the redesigned reading, math and writing standards.

Over the past 5 years, Focused has guided almost 40 students to perfect scores and more than 200 to scores above 2300. We plan to have even better results teaching the Redesigned 1600 SAT, with our new online interface and individually tailored course curriculum.

Course Features

  • The Focused Method

  • Innovative lessons for major reading passage types including literature, science, history, economics and political science
  • Unique and personalized math lessons for students based on their weaknesses tailored to each students' math subsection needs
  • Detailed analysis of rhetorical techniques and writing structure from historical documents, famous speeches and great works of literature

The Focused Curriculum

  • Reading lessons focused on how to read specific types of passages and how to answer the questions most commonly associated with those passages
  • A new Math Binder that is broken up into four units covering the major subtopics tested including, Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Mathematics and Additional Topics in Math. The redesigned Math Binder contains over 800 problems with detailed answers and explanations
  • Detailed Daily Syllabus that provides a day by day breakdown of the work and reading required for each class, with homework assignments that reinforce the lessons covered in the course
  • Online student results center that shows students homework, quiz and weekly test scores

Study Group

Students who still wish to improve their scores after taking our 42 hour SAT course have the option to take our extended course, Study Group. Study Group is a 24 hour class, complete with weekly practice tests, led by one of our master coaches and features additional material that gives students a different perspective of the test. We will begin offering this program at the end of the summer, starting with a Study Group leading up to the October SAT.

Taking a Study Group course provides students with an opportunity to further improve their scores. Since students are already well-versed with the Focused Method, the Study Group allows them to further expand their knowledge and develop their test taking skills in an environment in which they are already familiar. On average students who take study group gain an additional 100 points after their initial improvement from their time taking the class.

Private or Small Group Tutoring

Private tutoring is advised for students who feel that they learn better one-on-one. Private tutoring is also best for students with extremely unusual or demanding schedules which would prevent them from regularly attending class. Finally, private tutoring also is best suited for students who only have a problem with a particular part of the SAT: the reading section, for example.

Usually small group tutoring is advised for students who are high scorers and are looking to close the gap on the rest of their score. Groups range in size from 2 to 6 and are booked in either 25 or 35 hour blooks. Finally, small groups are best for students who want to work with friends but who feel like the size of a full class would be overwhelming or intimidating.

Class Calendar